BLOG 05/15/14

Need a DRP for Creative Cloud?

It had better be more technological than the colored pencils.
On May 14, 2014, Adobe's AdobeID sign-in capabilities went down. As of 5 pm on May 15, they still haven't been restored. This has us at AIE thinking about pulling out the colored pencils and paper -- oh, wait. That's not a disaster recovery plan that works.

We went to send out a contract today via EchoSign and discovered that the Adobe ID service is nonfunctional.

A quick Google/Twitter search revealed that Adobe ID logins had been experiencing problems for close to 24 hours, and that all Adobe ID services were inaccessible. Most notable was Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Adobe made the somewhat controversial decision to move to a SaaS only model last year, and no longer sells permanent licensing to the Creative Suite software. As creative professionals across the globe have seen deadlines missed due to inaccessible programs and data, it’s clear that Adobe will have some cleaning up to do – how much remains to be seen.

Yet, how much are we really at the mercy of Adobe?

In a worst case scenario, I’ll scan my contract and send it as a PDF to the client. (Oh, wait – that’s an Adobe product.) Would a business continuity plan with data redundancy have fixed the problem in most situations? Likely. Part of that business plan should have included a game plan for what happens if access to the big player applications fails. Install your apps on multiple devices (which CC allows), save your data in multiple locations, and recognize that something will fail at some point.

To be sure, Adobe is responsible for any difficulties accessing font sync, downloading/installing programs (real business loss Adobe may experience), and even for creating a software service that requires regular sign-ins to remain active. However, I’m not sure if they’ve promised us constant uptime on any data stored in their website location – I’m pretty sure it’s my job to make sure I have access to my data in the event of an emergency.

I’d check my terms of service, but can’t sign in to view them.

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