BLOG 8/15/2013

Knowledge or Wisdom?

AIE brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table that sets us apart from other consulting firms. We offer technology consulting you can't find on Google.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Earlier this week, the Relationship Economy posted a series of articles on how management consulting is changing. The entire series is worth a read, but particularly the first entry. It was refreshing to see someone noticing trends in the consulting marketplace that we have noticed, and are trying to combat. While he speaks directly to management consultants, we found that many of the principles carry over to technology.

“The internet will be disrupting the management consulting industry’s business and mental model because more and more people are seeking wisdom while many consulting firms are still trying to sell knowledge.” 

Knowledge isn't enough.

Knowing the latest technology trends and software updates, having current certifications, and attending a host of conferences is good — in many cases even important. But how often have we seen this lead to a technology for technology's sake argument? Conversely, how many times is the argument made to support an antiquated operating system because we know how to do it?

Furthermore, Jay Deragon argues that in today's day and age, knowledge is readily available on the Internet. If the only thing a consultant brings to a company is something they can find on Google for free, what's the point?

AIE brings wisdom.

We built our business on the principle that wisdom and experience brings more than knowledge ever could. It's not that we've looked at the business world from the outside in, as Derragon puts it, but because we've lived it. The wisdom that can only come from living and working in the technology business for decades, of consistently learning to adapt to changes throughout the history of our company — that kind of wisdom is what AIE brings to the table.

With IT maturity modeling designed to give you a rationale for any investment, and face-to-face CIO-level consulting with senior engineers, AIE offers the wisdom that can help your technology move your business forward.

In essence, we won't put tomatoes in your fruit salad.