Business Automation

One number to call for your entire automation solution.
AIE's business automation solutions save you money, with expertise in automation, business technology, and wired and wireless infrastructure.

When it comes to automation, AIE's three-fold knowledge is unique.

AIE's engineers have expertise in business automation, business technology services, and wiring and wireless technology. This three-fold knowledge equips AIE to handle all of your business technology support needs, bringing you solid design, delivery, and back-end support. AIE’s business automation solutions are aimed to help save money, not spend it. 

AIE manages wiring and installation for all types of business automation devices, fully integrating the systems with existing computers, networks, and conference room media. Additionally, the AIE team is available for ongoing support and trouble shooting, repair, and remote monitoring long after the system is installed.

Automate your security, audio/visual systems, and lighting and shade control.

  • Security. Security cannot be overemphasized. AIE offers commercial-grade security systems for the business, including surveillance cameras, digital video recording (DVR), network video recording (NVR), alarms, sirens, and door locks. With business automation solutions from AIE, you can perform a variety of tasks, from disarming the alarm system, viewing security cameras—all from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone at anytime, from anywhere.
  • Audio/Visual. In a society of increasing globalization, communication with employees, contractors, and clients looks significantly different than it did even a few years ago. With AIE’s video conferencing solutions, you are able to have sophisticated cameras, screens, and audio systems installed that enable you to communicate with people across the globe. Additionally, AIE can set up audio and visual communication solutions within the office space, such as intercom or security footage; sync video conferencing to mobile phones for the employee or executive on the go; and install full conference room systems, including projectors, smart desks, and interactive white boards.
  • Lighting and Shade Control. In our green environment, there is a growing need to be energy efficient. AIE’s lighting automation services exist to help this endeavor and increase the convenience of the business. With extensive knowledge in the technological support industry, AIE can help you program lights to turn on and off and shades to raise and lower at certain times of day. Create preset lighting settings, turn all the lights off at the end of the work day from the front desk, or program lights to come on and off with motion sensors as employees and guests enter a room. AIE works with you to create these settings and supports them with remote monitoring, saving your business money as electricity usages decrease.

AIE will work with you by consulting with you to determine the needs of your business, the available options, and the most cost-effective and efficient solution. AIE is equipped to provide custom design support for business automation systems, assisting you in planning for future needs as well as present ones. Along with this, AIE delivers all the services necessary, from installation of wired and wireless technology to future troubleshooting of applications.

With AIE’s full-service solution, your business can be automated consistently and dependably.