Business Continuity Planning

Disruption? Not a problem.
A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is designed to keep all aspects of your organization functional during disruptive events. A BCP differs from a Disaster Recovery Plan in its range, covering even the non-critical aspects of your business.

A solid business continuity plan will allow your company to stay up and running through any type of interruption — including downed systems, natural disasters, power failures, supply chain problems, and more. Companies that have comprehensive business continuity plans in place are able to act quickly and decisively to recover all aspects of their business, through implementing their plan of action during the emergency.

AIE helps you plan for business continuity from two different angles.

  • Recovery time. In the business world, mere minutes of downtime can be disastrous. One critical e-mail or phone call lost, one piece of data inaccessible – these present large risks to your business’s wellbeing. AIE’s business continuity plans minimize recovery time so your business can continue operating as though the disaster never occurred. Through redundant data and other protective strategies, your loss of productivity and revenue can be significantly reduced in an emergency situation.
  • Recovery points. Choosing priorities in business continuity planning is critical to maintaining a predictable IT budget. During an outage, which systems are most critical to access?  Which data needs to be recovered first in the event of a disaster? Making decisions like these in advance enables you to act more efficiently when the need actually arises, and AIE is prepared to help you make those decisions, maximizing the stability of your business continuity plan in a cost-effective and efficient manner