Cloud Resiliency Planning

On-premise disasters have no effect.
AIE’s cloud resiliency offerings include backup, data archiving, email management, and virtualized server recovery services.

Leverage the cloud.

One of the many ways to protect your data and systems in the event of an emergency is to leverage the cloud storage and secure data center options AIE has to offer. While some businesses think of the cloud solely as a means to mobility and easy sharing, fast and reliable disaster recovery and business continuity are also key advantages. 

Find stability in our secure data center.

In a world where many technology companies are moving toward cloud-based services, AIE’s offerings combine the security of a private datacenter with the years of experience from our consultants. Your cloud solution will be customized to meet your business’s needs, and we consult with you to develop the best plan to maximize affordability, security, and reliability.

Continue to meet all security regulations.

Depending on your industry, cloud resiliency options may come with a variety of security and encryption regulations. Whether dealing with medical HIPAA laws, or regulations specific to the financial industry, AIE is prepared to work with your requirements to ensure that your data is both accessible and secure in the face of disaster.