Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster happens to us all. Be prepared.
A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) prepares your company for potential disasters, through the documentation of all processes, policies and procedures related to recovery, and a plan for continuation of critical technology infrastructure after the disaster has occurred.

Define how you respond to disaster in advance.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a subset of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP). While a BCP’s objective is to keep all aspects of your organization functional during disruptive events, a DRP focuses strictly on creating the means of quickly and effectively restoring technology systems that are mission-critical to your business. After performing a Business Impact Analysis and Business Risk Analysis, AIE works with you to determine how your business will respond in the case of disaster.

AIE’s Disaster Recovery Plan prepares you for disaster.

  • Generating an accurate communication and/or call list
  • Creating a working detailed script with step-by-step instructions in the DR Plan
  • Prioritizing the order of restoration for all applications and services
  • Defining team roles and familiarizing the individuals to their role
  • Identifying your delivery resources and recovery sites
  • Creating a network diagram and asset inventory list with all software, hardware, logins, etc.
  • Containing easy-to-follow maps and directions on how to locate the recovery site
  • Including additional documentation such as vendor contacts, insurance documentation

Keeping your Disaster Recovery Plan current is critical to guaranteeing the success of your plan’s accuracy during a disaster scenario, and AIE helps you test the Disaster Recovery Plan annually, ensuring that when disaster does strike, you are prepared.