AIE Total Care FAQ

AIE Total Care support plans are the most efficient way to purchase AIE's services. Including both managed IT services and Hardware as a Service, these plans are designed to prevent your IT problems before they happen.

Do you charge for your services with a fixed fee, or by the hour?

Some of our clients still choose to pay an hourly rate for our services, but we find that we support you more effectively when you are on an AIE Total Care support plan. This is because the as-needed support model fixes your network when it is broken, while a support plan enables us to monitor and maintain it proactively, preventing system outages before they ever occur. AIE only succeeds when our AIE Total Care clients' networks are in perfect working order, which means we have the same IT goals that you do. Depending on the AIE Total Care plan you choose, some services may still be charged at an hourly rate.

We also offer project work, which is typically charged on a fixed-bid basis. While anyone can engage AIE for a special project, our AIE Total Care Complete clients are eligble for project work as part of their support plan.

What if my network is already working fine?

Before we start an AIE Total Care support plan with a client, we always run a network assessment. The network assessment allows us to to evaluate the age and functionality of your infrastructure and software, the number of users on your network, your network security, and the disaster recovery plan you have in place. We use this information to determine where your network falls on the IT Maturity Model, and to begin making recommendations for improvement. While you may think your network is working fine, there are likely problems under-the-surface that have gone unnoticed. Even the best network, if left to itself, will become a problem eventually.

Won't all that maintenance slow down my network when I'm trying to work?

We schedule our server maintenance ahead of time, ensuring it's performed in off-peak times or after hours. After you've been on an AIE Total Care plan for a while, you'll notice that the regular maintenance actually speeds up your network, enhancing your productivity.

Do I have to sign a long-term service agreement?

That depends on the support plan you choose. AIE Total Care Essential plans have an easy cancellation process with no hidden fees. AIE Total Care Complete plans require a longer contract, with a cancellation penalty. We're confident that you'll be happy with our support, but if you want a chance to try it out, our engineers will work with you to craft an AIE Total Care Essential plan that can be upgraded easily.

What's the difference between AIE Total Care Essential and AIE Total Care Complete?

In a nutshell, AIE Total Care Essential provides ongoing monitoring of your system, with remote and onsite support available at an additional, hourly fee. AIE Total Care Complete is built on the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model, and provides you with a server and network peripheral equipment that we own, monitor, and maintain - all for a predictable monthly price. AIE Total Care Complete also includes unrestricted remote access to the AIE Help Desk. For more information, visit our services page.