Hero of the Day

    • Hero of the Day 8/1/2016

      Office 365 Installed!

      When a local business decided to transition to Office 365, AIE was ready to help! Mark, just one of AIE's talented engineers, successfully installed O365, unlocking new potential for the growing business!
    • hero of the day 7/20/2016

      Engineers Fight Phishing

      A local Chicagoland family support center fell victim to aggressive phishing and spam attacks. AIE's engineers stepped in to eliminate this problem, securing the support center's servers.
    • Hero of the day

      Antivirus Put to Use!

      When AIE's monitoring services detected a virus, Mark was able to step in before the threat became a reality!
    • hero of the day

      New PC Setup!

      Are you a company with expanding staff? Or have you simply just purchased a new computer? Whatever the case may be, leave the PC setup to AIE!
    • Hero of the Day

      Lost Folder Recovered!

      Who hasn't experienced the moment of shear panic after accidently deleting the wrong file? Luckily, AIE technical support can recover these lost files in the blink of an eye.
    • hero of the day 7/12/2016

      Leave the Setup to AIE

      Are you in the process of onboarding a new employee? Leave the workspace setup hassle to AIE.
    • Hero of the day

      Backup Increasing Network Data!

      Recently, a growing Chicago company realized they needed more space to back up critical files. Not a problem for AIE's Bill!
    • Hero of the day

      Cyber Security Company In Chicago

      Ransomware Removed!
      A distributing company fell victim to ransomware. AIE's team worked to disinfect the network and ensure an increase in cyber security.
    • hero of the day 7/6/2016

      Backup Server Fixed!

      When a Chicagoland company's server suddenly stopped backing up, many critical files hung in the balance of being lost. However, after a quick diagnosis, AIE's technical support team was able to resolve this issue before it was too late.
    • hero of the day 7/1/2016

      VoIP Installed

      When a local company decided to transition to Voice over IP phone, AIE was ready to assist.
    • hero of the day 6/21/2016

      PC Freed from Encryption Malware!

      Recently, a devastating virus made its way onto a park district employee's computer. AIE's engineers worked tirelessly to successfully rid the PC from infection.
    • HERO OF THE DAY 6/20/2016

      Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall Reconfigured

      A local bank came to AIE when they were experiencing difficulties with their VPN filter on their ASA 5505. AIE stepped in to help get this bank back to business.
    • Hero of the day 1/12/16

      Cloud File Backup Recovery

      AIE changed out a local park district’s legacy tape back-up system for a more advanced, back-up and recovery solution—and it proved its worth just one week after installing the new solution!
    • Hero of the day 12/24/15

      Structured Wiring Project!

      Cabling is both an art and science. It needs to both function as designed, while remaining easy on the eye—or out of sight all-together!
    • hero of the day 12/24/15

      Transitioning IT Support Providers!

      AIE has spent the past month onboarding their newest IT managed services client—a well-respected park district in the Chicagoland area. Kirsten has worked tirelessly to project manage the transition from the previous IT provider to AIE.
    • hero of the day 12/21/15

      Switch Installation!

      A client located in Rockford, IL recently upgraded their phone system. Geoff worked alongside our client’s phone vendor to ensure voice services would properly work.
    • Hero of the day 11/5/14

      Certificate Renewal Installed!

      A client renewed their SSL Certificate for their Exchange server, but wasn't sure how to install it. Their email wouldn't work until Ben saved the day!
    • hero of the day 10/13/14

      MAC Setup

      A residential client's daughter couldn't complete her online homework because their MAC was too slow.
    • HERO of the day 10/9/14

      Email Delivered

      After a client's website host rebooted their website over the weekend, they stopped receiving email. We had Stephen take a look.
    • HERO of the day 10/8/14

      Virus Cleaned

      A client was getting a lot of suspicious pop-ups on his laptop. He dropped it off, and Bill removed the malware before it caused any more problems.