Hero of the day 1/12/16

Cloud File Backup Recovery

AIE changed out a local park district’s legacy tape back-up system for a more advanced, back-up and recovery solution—and it proved its worth just one week after installing the new solution!

Have you ever lost critical data—whether a file, server or application?  It doesn’t take more than once to realize how disruptive—and possibly debilitating—it can be to your business.  With AIE’s managed IT services, we provide comprehensive local and cloud back-up services to help prevent such potential disruptions or disasters.  In the case of a local park district, Bill had just completed installing and setting up their new back-up service from AIE when one of their employees contacted him requesting help to recover a file that had become corrupt.  With their old tape backup system, the recovery time would have taken up to a day.  With AIE’s on-premise back-up and cloud back-up service, the recovery took less than 10 minutes from the time of contact to the time of recovered file.

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