Business Contingency & IT Disaster Recovery Planning

One disaster could cost you millions.
Business contingency planning readies your organization to act during any possible disruptive events, such as a natural disaster or an equipment failure.

None of us are immune to disasters.

In the business world, the wrong computer crash can lead to significant loss, both in business and in employee productivity. AIE recognizes the critical nature of disaster & preparedness, and we work with you to plan for the worst. Our engineers are experienced in IT disaster recovery planning and business continuity, and can give you a wide variety of options to ensure that your business is ready for whatever comes.

A disaster can be as simple as a power outage, or a more serious recovery situation such as a hurricane or tornado. With the growing emphasis on virtualization, mobility, and connectivity, business continuity and disaster recovery are increasingly more varied and more critical. One disaster can affect more employees, networks, and workstations than ever before, but at the same time, the backup options and ease of restoration can be planned for more effectively.

We help you develop a plan.

AIE works with you to develop plans that prioritize your critical files and technology, considering your business’s unique requirements for disaster recovery and contingency planning. Beginning with a Business Impact Analysis, we detect your most critical systems and processes within your business, determining the effects an outage would have on your company. The greater the probable impact of a potential outage, the greater the resources your company should allocate to reinstate your system. Through a BIA, AIE will help your company establish a sequence of restoration events to define which aspects of your business should be restored, and in which order. We work to create a plan that will enable your business to have near-continuous operations when disaster strikes.

Just as critical as planning for disaster is learning to prevent it.

AIE also offers Business Risk Analysis services. This involves defining what risks your company faces and determining the relative significance each risk poses. Each company will have different circumstances surrounding their possible and probable risks. Therefore, the process of identifying all possible risks, as well as sequencing the risks in order of probability and magnitude, will allow AIE to work with your company to address each risk appropriately.