Migrating Exchange 2003 to Office 365

Microsoft stopped supporting Exchange 2003 in April 2014. Call us today at 630-936-4045, ext 2 for Chicago migration services to move you to Office 365.

Whether you're an office manager or executive wondering what steps to take for your old server, or you're an IT professional needing support for a complex migration, AIE is ready to help you through the process of migrating your Exchange 2003 server to Microsoft Office 365.

Why migrate?

If you're using Exchange 2003, your network is unprotected.

Microsoft stopped supporting the popular Exchange Server 2003 in April 2014, leaving businesses without that operating system without consistent security upgrades, patches, and critical vendor support. While Microsoft publicized the end-of-life date well in advance, many businesses weren't in a financial position to do the upgrade. Unfortunately, the apparent savings are beginning to cost more than a migration would.

Office 365 is an affordable solution, for two reasons.

  • Migrating to an Exchange 2013 server requires paying for the hardware costs. Chances are good that any server still running Exchagne 2003 requires a hardware upgrade, and this can be costly. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to go to the cloud, without paying for any of the hardware.
  • Migrating to an Exchange 2013 server requires paying for the operating system — twice. Because most developers plan on a server refresh happening more often than every 10 years, there is not a clean upgrade path from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013; it requires upgrading to Exchange 2010 and then to Exchange 2013. Microsoft Office 365 does provide a clear upgrade path, and gives you the most up-to-date software.

But what about…?

AIE understands that with an Office 365 migration comes a number of risks and questions. That's why our engineering team offers support for Office 365 migratoins — whether you need a full migration project, or just some back-end engineering support, AIE's engineers are ready to assist you.

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