Office 365 Migration Help for Exchange 2007

Chicago-based Exchange migration experts
Exchange Server 2007 is still supported, but it won't be forever. Your Chicago business should take steps now to prevent being caught on legacy hardware.

Is your business still running Exchange Server 2007?

2014 marked the end of support for Exchange Server 2003. Businesses using Exchange 2007 were reminded that they, too, are using a legacy operating system. Too many Exchange Server 2003 users delayed the transition, making it difficult to budget and plan for. To transition from Exchange Server 2007, we recommend you begin the planning process now.

Office 365 is a logical decision.

In addition to saving your organization hardware costs, Office 365 is a next-generation move, that allows you to plan and prepare for the future of technolgoy in the cloud. It is also a more streamlined, simpler migration.

AIE has experts to walk you through the process.

Migrating to Office 365 may be more streamlined than an Exchange server migration, but it still requires an expert. Additionally, there are often problems that arise in a migration, such as an instable existing server, problems with downtime, a slow network connection, or misconfigured network devices. Even our clients with full-time IT staff choose to use our migration services to help with the process and ensure it goes smoothly. 

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