On-Demand Technology

Is this a technical emergency?
AIE’s on-demand assistance provides a solution for your immediate technology needs, bringing you reliable solutions for an affordable price, when and where you need it.

You need technology help now, not at your on-site visit in two weeks.

You need a number to call when you have computer trouble, so your employees don’t panic and work can keep happening as usual. You also don’t want to pay a full-time employee to sit around and wait for something to go wrong.

AIE’s on-demand solutions offer the ideal solution for sporadic technology needs, bringing you reliable technology for an affordable price, when and where you need it. Our help desk line is always staffed with high quality technicians, ready to answer your call and troubleshoot your problem. With our convenient location in DuPage County, engineers can be quickly dispatched to your location. We use powerful ticketing software that enables us to track the progress of your problem and prevent it from slipping through the cracks, and we also watch your tickets over time to better consult with you on more regular options.

Pay as you go, or with prepaid hours.

With on-demand assistance, you receive your technological assistance when you ask for it. Pay as you go, or pay upfront by the hour  whether it be removing a virus from your network, or meeting with an expert CIO consultant for assistance in planning the strategy of your business IT. While on-site options are available as part of one of our plans, some of our clients also choose to use our solutions on an as-needed basis.