hero of the day 6/21/2016

PC Freed from Encryption Malware!

Recently, a devastating virus made its way onto a park district employee's computer. AIE's engineers worked tirelessly to successfully rid the PC from infection.

When malware strikes, who are you going to call? AIE's technical support team, of course! AIE's dedicated technical team will work to disinfect your device so you can get back to work. Just a short while ago, a particularly nasty virus infected a park district employee's PC. AIE's technical staff teamed up to tackle this virus for good. After an initial assessment, it was determined that the device needed to be disinfected at AIE headquarters. Mindful of avoiding any further disruptions for the client, AIE provided a temporary desktop while the infected one was being looked at. After a thorough deep clean, the PC was successfully returned to its original, healthy state.

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