A Matter of Independence

Entrepreneurship is the American Dream
Without freedom, entrepreneurship would be impossible. AIE wouldn't exist. Ben and Jeremy reflect on the blessing of independence.

Benjamin Wills

With the anniversary of Independence coming up for United States of America, we are reminded of how the structure of our country was created to fulfil Jefferson’s statement of the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Outside of a political discussion, I believe there is still opportunity to fulfill those pursuits, albeit at a higher price and risk.

Running a business is the quintessential American Dream.

Starting and owning a business certainly allows one to chase liberty and happiness, and some would say their life returns when they get to run the ship. Others lament their life IS the business, which is not necessarily what they wanted either. 

So does the “American Dream” still exist? 

I believe the answer is yes. I believe also there are many more traps and opportunity for poor decisions to be made that could endanger one’s success than perhaps there used to be.

So, if you seek to be independent through starting your own business, I highly recommend you talk to people who started their own businesses to understand the sacrifices made for the freedom you pursue

I am always looking to connect with independent and industrious people for my own learning as well as to inform others. Reach out to me and let us learn from each other.


Jeremy Wills

July 4 signifies the single greatest day in the lives of all who have had the privilege of being born a citizen of the United States of America. On that day, a Declaration of Independence was cemented by our congressional forefathers and the birth of our great country began, thus giving us a right to say, think or act as we choose — without hindrance and without restraint. 

Entrepreneurship requires freedom. 

This same freedom has given countless entrepreneurs, including myself, the opportunity to live out our dream—a dream of building something substantial, something that can disrupt the marketplace with better product or service, and the opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of others who can invest in and grow this dream with me.

There must be, at the very core, a freedom provided me in order to have the ability to creatively problem solve, a freedom to think, a freedom to act, and speak differently. Even while there is stress, fatigue, and up-and-down emotions throughout the constant grind of entrepreneurship, none of it is possible without first having freedom

Absolute freedom requires the shedding of blood.

This July 4th, I celebrate yet again the freedom I have because of the countless men and women who have sacrificed in the greatest way possible—with their life. While I am not from a military family, I married into military, and have been given a window into the depth of these sacrifices.

I have personally seen what sacrifices have been made to continually secure our freedom. My freedom. The freedom to dream one more day about growing this company.

I am eternally grateful for all who have served our country and defended its freedom and would like to personally thank each military member who reads this for your willing sacrifices — made in order that I might have freedom to pursue my American Dream