From Our Kids' Perspective

Simpler is sometimes better
What do your children understand about your business? Ben and Jeremy talk about their kids' perspectives on AIE, IT, and business.

Benjamin Wills

I am not sure to what depth my children know about my daily work. 

I am pretty sure my wife does not want to know. I have the privilege of bringing my children into the office and letting them see where I work and how messy my office is — which does not work well when you ask them to be organized! Anyway, I am the default IT person at home, so they get to see glimpses of how I make things work. I do not get many work related questions from the children. 

They do know I go to places of business and “fix things,” as it were. 

Beyond the basics, I have not really explained to them the business end. What I do want them to understand about my job is that IT permeates all parts of our lives and the more technical you are, the more valuable you are in the marketplace. Granted, there are many IT oriented people looking for jobs, but if my children are constantly keeping the IT side of their chosen craft up-to-date, then they will always be competitive.


Jeremy Wills

A child’s perspective can be refreshing.

Since my kids are very young, there are few questions they ask — namely “do you have to go to work?” and “why do you have to go to work?” 

A simple explanation seems to suffice.

I go to work so that I can help people fix their computers. They pay us money when we do it. We can use this money to buy food, help pay for our clothes and…can help buy you candy at the popcorn shop! It is at that moment when they tell me to get busy working.  

As they grow older, I look forward to teaching them more about the principles of working and money. For now, I get to enjoy the fact that they still come running up to me when I arrive home from work!