A Time to Give Thanks

Counting AIE's blessings
In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, Ben and Jeremy both reflected on reasons to be thankful within the context of AIE.

Benjamin Wills

Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday.

I admittedly need to be more thankful in my life and this is a great reminder every year to give thanks to Jesus for the countless blessings I have received. Technology constantly changes, but people do not. I have great people that surround me and make AIE a blessing to me.

People for whom I give thanks:

  • Janelle, my wife, for supporting me in the AIE endeavor.
  • Jeremy, because success in this business would have only come with him on-board.
  • My parents and in-laws, for being the supporting crew behind the scenes.
  • Mark Becker, for his willingness to do all the goofy tasks that need attention.
  • Bill Tindall, for staying up late to get that complex problem fixed.
  • Kirsten Ekstrand, for doing a superb job with all the mind-numbing paperwork that is required of a business.
  • John Kettering, for always being willing to go above and beyond to help.
  • Greg Olson, for keeping the details organized and valuable to people.
  • Stephen Kaiser, for fostering potential energy and great attitude of building up the group.
  • Jimmy Yanchenko, because I hear his smile through the phone even in the difficult situations.
  • Daryll Harford, for bringing flexibility and a great disposition to our recent chaos of moving.

I am also thankful for all our clients and the relationships we have with them. I hope to serve more in the coming new year!

Jeremy Wills

First off, I am indebted to God for blessing me with this opportunity on earth to live out my dream as an entrepreneur.

I am grateful for my business background leading up to starting the business. Having sales, management and operational experience allows me to embrace each of these roles more confidently. I am grateful for having been let go of my job in 2009. Without that dark moment in my life, I would not be where I am today. 

I am grateful for all of the employees at AIE.

They are a resilient, intelligent, compassionate and determined group that works well together and offers daily refreshment as I see their constant efforts to faithfully serve our customers and grow the business.

I am thankful for the first set of clients that believed in us.

They provided us the opportunity to serve them and their businesses. Each of them took a risk, not knowing what would become of AIE, as we were just getting started. And thankfully, to this day, we still have the opportunity to service those same customers.

Lastly, I am grateful for my family.

To my wonderful wife who, only two months after having our second child,  agreed to allow me to start a business from scratch.  Not only did she provide her moral support, but she continues to tirelessly sacrifice, both personally and for the business, in order to ensure success for both AIE and our family.

To my mother and father, I am grateful for the numerous sacrifices they have made in helping take care of my children as well as all of the prayer and support throughout all of the ups and downs. 

Finally, I am grateful for my brother. With almost five years of business together, I have grown a great respect for his gifts and abilities, his continued sacrifices and his commitment to the success of AIE.