Remote Office

Not just for the mega-corporation.
The remote office is a duplication of the corporate headquarters in a different space, either a satellite location or a home office.

No longer is the multi-site office restricted to the mega-corporation.

In today’s globalizing world, your employees are setting up remote offices in their homes, and working from virtual offices in other cities. This connection goes beyond the need for mere tablet and phone use; complete access to the company network and full versions of all business applications become a necessity.

The remote office can be an entire satellite office, or it can be one person's home.

  • Secondary virtual office. A secondary virtual office is an office other than the primary business headquarters, operated and maintained by the company. Whether your business is growing and needs more space, or you want to have a physical presence in multiple locations, this office will need to have a constant, secure connection to the network at the primary business site. AIE works with our clients to determine the best solution for this scenario; often, a VPN connection between two separate firewalls can be the ideal solution.
  • Individual/home office. For a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to have some of your employees work from home. Offering that flexibility has many advantages — you may be able to keep a valuable employee whose spouse has moved across the country, or eliminate productivity loss when you have to stay home with sick children. Whether regular or occasional, AIE knows that enabling your employees to have a home office requires offsite access to company files and applications. This can be accomplished via SharePoint or remote access to the company network.