Remote Worker

Out of the office? Not a problem.
Few employees do all their work from the office setting. AIE works with our clients to enable live data streaming, BYOD networks, and secure remote access to applications and files.

The remote workforce will only increase in the years ahead.

Consultants travel to meet with their clients, financial executives take business trips, and doctors often work out of several offices or hospitals. AIE has found that when our clients capitalize on the mobility trend, their productivity only increases. We work with our clients to enable individual mobility in the workforce.

The remote workforce has specialized needs.

  • Live data streaming. Contact and client lists, calendars, financial information, and documents need to be constantly updated, even when on the road. As we develop your mobility plan, we use applications and network systems that allow a constant connection for real-time data. You won’t have to worry about missing the time change on an important meeting or needing to duplicate financial records between devices.
  • BYOD preparedness. If your employees are working remotely, they are most likely using one or more personal devices to accomplish this. Whether it be a smart phone or a tablet, having company data accessible on personal devices can increase your network’s exposure to viruses, and decrease the security of your proprietary information, such as client lists or financial records. AIE works with you to create a network and policies that will maximize both security for your information and flexibility for your employees.
  • Application and file access. Simply having contacts stored on a cell phone doesn’t make mobile work fully possible for most employees. Mobile and tablet applications are available for many different CRM, accounting, and industry-specific software, and AIE helps our clients source these applications, and install and synchronize them once a decision is made. Collaboration solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint make remote file access much simpler, helping your project managers connect securely with partners, vendors and clients.