Server Management

Protect the server, protect the network.
With AIE's Network Operations Center at the helm, find peace of mind by knowing that your server is being monitored 24/7 for performance enhancement and problem prevention.

One of your most critical business systems is the server.

As the backbone of your network, your server requires special expertise and knowledge in its management. It also needs daily maintenance and monitoring – if something goes wrong with the server, the entire network is in jeopardy.

AIE offers 24/7 remote monitoring services from our state-of-the-art NOC as part of our network management package. We install our monitoring agents on your machines, watch all alerts as they come in, and proactively deal with problems before they become a major issue. Our monitoring services protect critical areas of your systems that affect both productivity and business continuity.

Our Network Operations Center engineers watch every area of your system.

  • Ensure that system backups are monitored and tested regularly
  • Server performance is assessed and optimized
  • Disk space and memory utilization trends are watched
  • Detect early warning signs (disk corruption, RAID alerts, etc.), proactively resolving problems before they become disruptive
  • Note changes in Internet connectivity and contacts your ISP for troubleshooting
  • Keep you apprised of new technologies
  • Assist in procurement

AIE’s NOC also ofters plans for server management, including more high level management such as administrating Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync, handling spam-filtering, running updates and upgrades for your server operating system and critical applications, managing patches, security, and firewalls, and running data backup. Additionally, we offer a Hardware as a Service plan, allowing our clients all the advantages of our server management services, with no up-front cost invested in the infrastructure.