SharePoint Server

Centralize your files.
SharePoint provides a centralized storage location for business data, with full integration with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Project.

The management of company documents can be a complicated task.

This is particularly the case when employees and executives need mobile access to sensitive information. AIE’s SharePoint services enable your business to completely customize a SharePoint system, from the initial migration to full deployment. Once your SharePoint system has been deployed, AIE provides ongoing support through our managed services support plans.

Store your files in one location. 

Many businesses store their content in a variety of locations, and SharePoint provides a centralized location for easy storage and access. The features are rich, including interaction with colleagues and clients, full integration with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Project, and a host of access options, including internal network, mobile phones, VPN network connections, and secure web-browser log-ins.

Let AIE deploy and manage SharePoint for your business.

AIE offers full migration services, from individual file migration to a sophisticated automated service that enables you to filter by file properties and other metadata, maintaining all of your permission settings. During the SharePoint deployment process, we help you customize security settings and ensure that your SharePoint server is fully functional before going live. In addition to basic set-up, we handle any necessary firewall changes and other infrastructure requirements for implementing SharePoint.

The SharePoint expertise our engineers have to offer doesn’t end there – once your system is up and running, you can rely on us to support it, update it, and make any customization or security changes as your business grows and develops.