Staff Augmentation

Fill the holes in your IT department.
Using staff augmentation, you don't have the cost of a full-time employee, but still get the benefits for projects, help desk, CIO services, and more.

You may already have a gifted in-house IT department, but they’re constantly distracted by end-user help desk needs that don’t justify another full-time staff member. Maybe your IT staff can handle most of the day-to-day end-user needs, but when it comes to escalating a ticket to someone with more experience, you need help. Or you have a large project coming up that requires more hands now, but hiring additional employees would just leave you overstaffed in three months.

AIE’s staff augmentation services work to meet these needs, with both ongoing or temporary augmentation services. Our staff have served as a technical bench for large corporations and SMBs, offering services like help desk and end-user support, remote monitoring and backup, special project management, server deployment and application migration, and CIO services.

Whatever the holes in your IT department, AIE is prepared to fill them.

We relieve you of the training and overhead costs of another full-time employee, giving you quality and flexibility.

  • Quality. Because of our particular IT focus, AIE is able to staff technicians and engineers with a much broader range of skill sets than the average company could have in an IT department. Our technicians have expertise in Cisco, Microsoft technology such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync Server, and other niche applications. Our CIO consultants bring a wider range of industry and business experience to the table, having seen technology play out in more than just your organization. Take advantage of quality by augmenting your existing IT staff with AIE.
  • Flexibility. In today’s economy, you can’t afford to hire another IT employee, with the additional training, overhead, and benefits expenses that entails. You may need assistance for a short term project, or need to consult with a higher level of expertise than you could afford to keep on staff full-time. AIE’s services are customized to the particular needs of your organization, giving you flexibility and a lower cost.