Telecommunications Services

Streamline your communication with VoIP services.
AIE’s VoIP phone systems increase communication flexibility, reduce phone costs, provide disaster recovery and backup options, and create consistency across your business.

You need a phone solution that is affordable and feature-rich for your business. You need to be able to manage multiple lines, numbers, and extensions. You need three-way calling, automatic answering, transferring, voicemail to e-mail, and other features that let you run an SMB like a large corporation. One way to maximize the connectivity and integration of your workplace is to consider Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for your telephone systems.

Advantages to VoIP Systems

  • Flexibility. With VoIP systems comes the flexibility of multiple environments. Your staff can have their voicemails emailed to them, can set up call forwarding for certain business hours, and can effectively access their business phone from anywhere.
  • Reduce costs. VoIP solutions cut costs first by simply using the infrastructure you already have in place for your computer network. By bundling your phone services into a managed services contract, you can reduce costs even further.
  • Disaster recovery and backup. When the power goes down, the same disaster recovery plan that helps you keep your network up and running functions for your VoIP phone system. All of your calls can easily be rerouted to a mobile phone or alternative landline, so your business can continue running in case of emergency.
  • Consistency. You can run all of your office on the same phone system, whether within one city or across the globe. Other enterprise-level features include automated receptionists, dial-by-name directory, and easy conferencing and transferring.

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