Virtual Desktop

Use all of your processing power.
Virtual technology gives you flexibility for faster growth, reduces energy use and maintenance cost, and makes configuring desktops a much faster process.

Chances are good that you aren’t using anywhere close to the majority of your PC infrastructure potential.

In fact, you may only be using between five and ten percent of it. Virtual desktop technology allows you to move the desktop operating system and applications to the server environment, increasing your business’s flexibility and reducing cost.

  • Flexibility. The use of a virtual desktop gives system administrators the ability to manage and host their employee workstations in the central server, while at the same time giving users the same experience as a regular desktop. Maintain customized settings and users, only using processing resources when necessary. Virtual desktops are available from PCs, tablets, and smart phones, either in the office or in a remote location.
  • Reduce cost. Only use processing power when your employees are actually at the computer, by hosting them on a central server. With all computing actually happening at the server level, your PCs will use less energy, and your management costs will decreased with centralized management. Additionally, fewer physical PCs are necessary when employees can access their personal virtual desktop from anywhere