Wireless Network Solutions & Support

Experience mobility and security throughout your office space.
AIE’s experienced technicians are trained to optimize your wireless network, while at the same time establishing the required security and reliability necessary for your industry.

Wireless networks are becoming heavily relied upon in today’s business environments.

With ever increasing Internet speeds reaching both large and small businesses, the demand for a reliable, secure and solid performing wireless infrastructure is absolutely critical. WiFi networks provide considerable benefits, but they can also invite significant security concerns on the network. 

Certified Wireless Technology Specialists

Because of the unique demands of wireless networking, AIE staffs wireless technology specialists certified through Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP). These educational materials and the corresponding examination cover a variety of topics, including the basics of WiFi technology, an understanding of radio frequency and how it affects wireless networking, available hardware and software, site surveying, security, legal compliance issues, and troubleshooting techniques. This certification assures you that our wireless technicians can offer dependable service and will have the knowledge to design a proper wireless network or troubleshoot the one you have in place today.

AIE provides both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions for businesses. Our wireless technology specialists are ready to design, deploy and support commercial-grade wireless solutions that meet all specifications and performance requirements.

AIE’s wireless services include:

  • Site survey. AIE offers site surveys prior to the deployment on any wireless projects. Analytics such as heat map testing will identify throughput data, signal strength and potential dead zones. This survey can significantly reduce any potential hardware/software costs and improve your signal strength while insuring a more seamless wireless experience.
  • Security. We will design and implement a secure network environment for your data, wireless equipment, network, and computers.
  • Deployment. AIE has the ability to design, deploy and support wireless solutions for both in-building wireless and building-to- building wireless solutions. Our services include areas such as video surveillance and digital video recording (DVR), campus facilities build out and support, and business automation integration and support. Our deployments enhance all areas dependent on the wireless network, including voice, data, video, and media.
  • Wireless penetration testing. AIE utilizes a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities existing on your wireless infrastructure. Testing and results are designed to provide management with a full understanding of the level of risks involved on your network, offer recommendations for corrective measures, and create a foundation for future decisions regarding security strategy and deployment.

AIE’s secure, enterprise-class wireless network solutions offer many benefits to the business environment, regardless of size. Businesses using AIE’s wireless services find that their wireless power and throughput now reach every area of their business, eliminating wireless “dead zones” and allowing complete mobility with wireless devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart phones throughout the business location. AIE lays a wireless foundation that is completely scalable, allowing for future growth, and completely secure, allowing both public and private networks with the same technology. We also consider the aesthetic aspects of your technology, avoiding unsightly wiring jobs and using in-ceiling wireless access points to maintain a professional looking business environment