Workstation Management

Keep your employees productive.
Rest easy in the knowledge that your anti-virus is always up-to-date, your disks are in good health and event logs are checked daily. All the while, you’ll be reducing downtime and increasing productivity in your office.

Your working day is dependent upon your desktop or laptop.

It's essential that that equipment is ready-to-use at any time. With AIE managing your workstations, you can rest assured that your PCs, Macs, and Linux-based workstations are in business-ready condition. Network management starts with 24/7 remote monitoring and daily health checks

Significantly decrease your downtime.

Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each morning. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime – and can fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day. If there’s a problem, we’ll receive an Instant Alert showing the cause of the problem, and we’ll see it on our dashboard almost instantly. Our mobile technicians in the field will receive alerts on their mobile phones and can log into their MiniDash™ to see the exact cause of the problem. The net result: rapid, accurate response and dramatically reduced downtime.

Our workstation monitoring checks every portion of your system.

  • Checks that your antivirus is right up-to-date and keeping you safe.
  • Checks that the bedrock of your computer’s operating system is operating properly.
  • Looks for unauthorized log in attempts and determines whether someone has been trying to hack into your systems.
  • Checks to ensure you have adequate disk space remaining. Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash and involves lengthy delays to repair the device. 
  • Checks that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues.
  • Reviews Critical Event log entries and spots other issues.

AIE’s workstation management services also include more high level management, including supervising your anti-virus software, running upgrades and installations for operating systems and major applications, handling your data backup, and managing  patches and security